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A New Book by David Cross


Learning How to Succeed and Lead from George Washington

Printed Copy for $14.95 eBook for $9.99

Insight & Action

How Washington Created Himself
Why Leadership Matters
Adversity Catalyzes Growth
Making Your Own Plan
Staying the Course
First Edition, 2019, Stone & Patrick Publishers.

The Book In Numbers



Written by historical expeditionary David Cross, packed with insight into how George Washington made himself the leader our country needed.


Learn how to take the lessons from Washington's life and apply them to your own. A fascinating, relatable look at one of history's most impactful leaders.

About David Cross

After twenty-five years spent as a criminal defense attorney David Cross decided he’d had enough of a job that made him miserable, so he began his journey toward becoming a Historical Expeditionary. David founded Bow Tie Tours, providing elite historical tours in Philadelphia, but discovered that he was in serious need of advice to make his new business profitable.

He found that advice by trading in his old friends who spent their time complaining about the law for new ones, like Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.

By following their advice and life lessons David was able to turn Bow Tie Tours into the top historical tour company in Philadelphia. Bow Tie Tours was awarded the prestigious “Best Tour Company in Pennsylvania” award by Travel & Hospitality magazine.

David is now CEO of Indispensable Leadership and provides seminars throughout the world on learning leadership techniques from great historical figures.

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Printed Copy for $14.95 eBook for $9.99